Become a Volunteer with ÅBSK

Volunteering is a great way to use your spare time on something meaningfull while having fun. Being a volunteer in Århus Baseball Softball Klub is like being part of a family. As a volunteer, you will be an official member of the club as well.

Århus Baseball Softball Klub - Volunteer

What is expected?

We have different kind of jobs that need to be done during a year and it's all up to you, how you can help. Examples of what a volunteer will do:

-BBQ/Grill-duty (Flipping burgers and hot dogs)

-Take pictures or record video at home games or events

-Be the Mascot (Wear the Mascot-Suit and help kids out with trying on gloves and setting up a playground. In addition: if you can dance, cheerlead etc. that would be appropiate for the mascot to do as well)

-Write press releases

-Help out with Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and so on)


-Runner and other ad hoc jobs

Should you have an idea of any other ways you could help, we are happy to hear about them!

As a member...

As a member of the club, you will have a democratic vote in the club and also be allowed to join our Baseball and Softball Practices. It doesn't matter that you might not be a playing member, you will still be just as important and sometimes even more important.

How do I start?

Fill out the "Join the Team" form and pay the "motionist"-membership, when you have been added to "Holdsport" by The Secretary. Once you have payed the membership you are officially a member and supporting the club. You will be questioned on what kind of volunteering work you can help with and at that point, you are part of the family!