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The first spectators to arrive at a home game in 2017

The first spectators to arrive at a home game in 2017

Why we're worth it

Århus Baseball Softball Klub is not only a sports club offering a place to play Baseball and Softball - we are much more than that. Århus Baseball Softball Klub is a Baseball and Softball Club that give back to the community in the following ways:

1. We welcome and integrate International Newcomers to Aarhus
Because of the fact that our sport is international, we have for many years been welcoming Internationals and Foreigners to the city of Aarhus. Many of our international players have gained a social circle within our club and had the chance to practice Danish during practice. We target Newcomers and tell them about our club. We do that because we know how important it is to meet new people and find friends, when you move to a new city - let alone a new country - because it can get lonely sometimes.

2. Our sport includes inactive children
Baseball and Softball are both great sports for overweight or inactive children looking for great exercise that doesn't scare them away. Some sports are too intense and leave the children without experience of success. Baseball and Softball is only as tough as you let it and a sport where even the least sports-talented - in the common sense - can be successful and feel important on the field. We target kids who's looking for a sport that they can feel successful at, because everyone deserves the chance to do sport.

3. Equality
The junior team, Softball Team and Baseball Team is all Mix-Gender Teams. Boys and girls playing on the same team is very a great way to teach children about equality and the sport itself will show that gender-based advantages does not apply in the same way in Baseball and Softball. Like in the real world, Baseball and Softball Teams works better when everyone compliments each other and use the players different challenges where they give the most positive output. Pure strength can be an advantage, but a player less strong can be used somewhere else, because everyone has their own talent.

What can we offer?

Baseball and Softball is not one of the biggest sports in Denmark. We are humble about it and know we can't offer the same as the biggest soccer clubs of Denmark. But we have something they do not: an untapped marked sponsorship-wise. When you go to our field, you will see virtually no advertising and that makes our core-audience extra perceptive to the right message.

The reason why it's untapped - at least in our case - is that we are looking for a longterm partner and someone willing to engage in a meaningful sponsorship-collaboration with a relevant message to engage our fans.

We are not looking for a "Buy space on our uniform" sponsorships and that way sell our brand away for money. What we hope to find, is a meaningful partner that will agree to a longterm sponsorship plan that is beneficial to both parties.


Our volume is modest, but our fans are loyal. 

Growth in Facebook Fans from May '17 to December '17

Growth in Facebook Fans from May '17 to December '17


We started late on Social Media, but have during a short timespan acquired a loyal fan-base that greatly likes, shares and comments on our content. We rank among the top 1% of all pages on Facebook, in managing a successful Facebook page. On our posts, we reach - on average - more than two times the people liking our page. On Instagram we have made it on the "relevant posts" list on hashtags such as #Baseball and #Softball (hashtags with over 12 million posts). In addition, we are expanding to Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube and LinkedIn. In other words,: even though our sport is small in Denmark - our visions are not.


From 2016 to 2017 we more than doubled in spectators at home games. We arranged and participated in 12 different events during 2017 and estimate to have reached more than 1.500 different people in person representing our club in Aarhus alone.


We have engaged in partnerships to ensure our own visibility and to help other organizations. Organizations such as:

AGF Hercules & Afrodite

Hercules & Afrodite is an association that helps inactive and/or overweight children find a sport that suits them the best. That goes without saying that it's their main goal to offer exercise for those who would have not gotten it otherwise.

The Warm Welcome Society

The Warm Welcome Society offers "Welcome Meetups" for newcomers moving to Aarhus. At the Meetups they show - based on the participants interests - associations and clubs, that can offer them a community to be part of in their new city. We enjoy the partnership and the opportunity to help international and non-international newcomers a place to meet new people.

International Community

International Community is a separate association that helps International Newcomers to settle in in Aarhus as well as offer - just as Århus Baseball Softball Klub - a place to meet new people and gain a social circle in Aarhus. They have been a great partner and helped us match with Baseball- and Softball Lovers from all nationalities.

Other Notable friends

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Are you our new sponsor/partner?

If you see value in our vision and what we are trying to do, please don't hesitate to write the Secretary General. Follow the link below, to find the contact info: