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Play Softball in Aarhus and Join Århus Baseball Softball Klub. 

Softball is Baseballs brother. In Aarhus, Denmark, we play Softball just like in The USA. Only that when we say Softball in Denmark, we are actually talking about Fast Pitch Softball and not your weekend office game of Slow Pitch Softball.

Fast pitch Softball

Softball is an alternative version of Baseball, invented in 1887. The story is that it was first played with a boxing glove as the ball and a broom-stick as a bat. It was originally an indoor version of the beloved ball-game of Baseball. The boxing glove gave it its name, although today, the ball is far from soft. Today the game is mainlly played in its two outdoor versions: Fast Pitch Softball and Slow Pitch Softball. In Denmark, when simply saying "Softball" we mean Fast Pitch. Slow Pitch Softball is always specified as either Slow Pitch Softball or simply: "Slow Pitch".


Body type and physique

Softball is just like Baseball when it come to having personal victories no matter how god biuld your body type to be. You can do well without being athletic or even having the stamina to run a marathon. Although most people agree, because of the smaller size the Softball field has and the high pased game, that Softball is in some way more physically demanding thatn Baseball. Both are slow pased games, but Softball does not share the same natural breaks in the game flow, that Baseball has. Softball is a great sport to try, if you are interested in sports, but just haven't found "Your Sport". Softball is challenging and fun, easy to learn but also a sport you can always improve at.

Softball is at the same time a sport that has been proved to go well with people who does not see them selv as a "Sports geek" or the Sport type. The sport demands only of you, what you can give. In other words: it's a sport where the intensity of the game gains with your abilities. 



The club has all the special equipment you need to play: gloves, bats, balls etc. If you want your own gear, we can help you with that as well. The club does not have cleats or shoes for you to borrow. If you don't have any, regular soccer cleats will work just fine.



We have our own team uniforms that you can borrow and if you want your own with your name on it, it is also possible for you to buy one. We can guide you as well, if you want to buy Softball clothing for practice.


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