frequently asked questions

  1. How old do you have to be to play Baseball or Softball?
    -Generally we take in players that are 6 years old or older. That’s based on when motor skills are probably developed for kids. However, if you are younger and feel that you can manage, then we are happy to try you out. There isn’t really an age limit to how old you can be to play, we have 40+ players on our teams and baseball is generally a game that can be played by all ages.

  2. Where do you practice?
    -From April and to end of September we practice at our home field: Åbrinkvej 11, 8000 Aarhus C. During the winter, from October to end of March, we practice indoor: Dalgas Avenue 12, 8000 Aarhus C.

  3. What equipment do I need to have?
    -We have all the baseball and softball equipment needed that you can borrow. What you need is some gym clothes for practice and a pair of cleats (Baseball, Soccer etc.) and for indoor practice; we use regular indoor gym shoes.

  4. How much is the price of a uniform?
    -If you want your own uniform with name and number, it’s around €120, but we have uniforms that you can borrow until you buy your own.

  5. How do I start?
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  6. How much is the membership to play on a team?
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  7. How many games do you play a season?
    -The Softball team plays 12 games in the regular season spread out on six game days. The same goes for the Baseball Teams. Juniors does not play as many games, but will hopefully in the future. In 2018, we planned for 4-5 game days for the junior team.

  8. What teams do you have?
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  9. What is Aarhus Athletics?
    -Aarhus Athletics is a team of Latin American baseball players playing in the Danish Championship League. Most of the players on the team started playing Baseball in the red “Århus”-uniforms, but wanted their own team. They formed a new association/club called “Aarhus Athletics Baseball Club” and by that Aarhus had two Baseball Teams and two Baseball Clubs. After two years apart, the board of Århus Baseball Softball Klub and Aarhus Athletics Baseball Club decided to join forces and merged the two clubs. Aarhus Athletics is now a Baseball team within the organization of Århus Baseball Softball Klub. Read more here

  10. Where can I buy Baseball and Softball Equipment?
    -There are many web shops that sell equipment and it can be difficult to distinguish what’s good quality and what is not, if you are new to the sport. We are happy to help you find a glove, bat or cleats at the right price and quality.

  11. I’m not interested in playing, but I want to help the club – how do I do that?
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  12. How do I donate to the club?
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  13. I’m not sure if I want to play – can I try it first?
    -Yes! Come on down to practice a few times for free, before you decide if it’s the right sport for you.

  14. How can my company help the club?
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