Meet a Member: Bob

Dominik or "Bob" as he's called is from Germany and joined the club during the winter practice this year. He has played in Germany before he started playing with us and has a great arm. We asked him a few questions, so you can get to know him better.


When did you move to Denmark and how was it to adapt to a new country?

In January 2018. I am on the road since a few years already, so maybe one gets used to it. I sort of knew what to expect too as I´ve been here before as a guest. Its similar from where I come from so that might make it easier, too. Making friendship in Scandinavia might appear harder than in other countries but in the end they will turn out way more true, strong and not superficiall- “so hang in there, mate”. Also I am a Misfit everywhere, so I don´t adapt to the country- the country has to adapt to me :P

Why did you choose to join Århus Baseball Softball Klub?

It was the first club getting my attention, so I came for the winter training and dug it.

What is the best thing about Baseball and Softball?

The best things about Baseball/Softball are, that it is such a versatile sport. You have throwing, batting, catching, running. As it is sheer impossible to be naturally gifted with a talent in all of these, training will boost your talents and improve your weaknesses. So everyone can do it. Furthermore it is a mixture between team and individual sport, which makes it very interesting. It is a smart sport- so being smart; knowing your tactics etc. will again give you an advantage. Baseball/Softball has moments of intensity and moments of calmness- so you will have time to recover. Being a niche sport in Europe is a plus too, in my opinion. It makes the players a community beyond the boundaries of a team.

Would you recommend Århus Baseball Softball Klub to others?

F****** oath

Meet a Member: Philip Spielmann

The decision of joining a sports club is not always about the sport or activities as much as it is the social aspect of it. That’s why we would like to introduce you to some of the members so you can read for yourself, why they are part of the team. The member that you get to meet in this post is Philip Spielmann. Philip has been a member since 2004 and is working as a volunteer as well as being on the Board.