Meet a Member: Simon

This ball club has 3-4 Blue Jays fans - Simon Bay is one of them. He plays both Baseball and Softball and has been catching and playing 3B since he joined us in november last year. We asked him a few questions on Baseball and Softball and how he feels about the club.


How did you start playing Baseball and Softball?

My interest in baseball started in when I lived in Canada. After having watched a couple of games on TV, I was hooked! The combination of the mental battle and pure skills between pitcher and batter is intriguing. After I returned to Denmark, I was sure I should play baseball!  

Why do you play Baseball and Softball?

It’s maybe one of the most fun sports I have ever played. I play because of my huge interest for baseball and the way it’s played. I play for the mental battle – where only one come out on top. Baseball is a sport where you always can improve in some way. I love the great team spirit you need on a baseball team – because every one on the team have to work together if you want to win.  

What is the best thing about Baseball and Softball?

A big thing is that ball players come in all sizes and shapes. Baseball is a bit of lifestyle – it’s constantly on your mind, how you can improve. It’s also a sport where you will see the most amazing plays, players flying to catch a bold, or hit a ball with a bat 500 ft. AMAZING!! 

Would you recommend Århus Baseball Softball Klub to others?

Absolutely we have a good group of people at the club, and the team spirit we have is great. When we are not winning on the field, we win on team spirit. Our mentality of always wanting to get better, is amazing.