Meet a Member: Matthew

In this "Meet a Member" post, you get to meet one of the biggest fans of the game. Matthew is American and just loves to play Baseball. Matthew joined the club mid last season and usually shows up early for practice and sometimes so early that he has time for a small nap in the dugout.


When did you move to Denmark and how was it to adapt to a new country?

 I don’t really see it as a move, but as a draft.  Negotiating inside the free agent markets were full of difficulty and learning.  I mean, I found myself in a world where women paid for lunch, this was an unorthodox approach in my previous experiences. I finally agreed by contract to join a side by saying, “I do.” And it just so happened to be a Danish home team side.  Thus the adaption was learning a new club culture more than anything.  The joy of baseball has kept the English language alive world over, so when we spoke inside baseball lingo, there was no big adjustment.  The clubhouse provided the greatest need for adjustment, the surroundings were a mere noise and only required a simple hat adjustment. In clubhouse, I think I wore my helmet a bit more than one might assume.

Why did you choose to join Århus Baseball Softball Klub?

  These matters are never easy to assess, as what have I really chosen? I mean the game just warped my heartsaken thirst for the game. The game brought me in, I was really on my knees to the majesty of the temperate fastball. But never mind the speed, but the rotation that I could set my eyes upon.  I was mesmerized by the prospects of once again obtaining joy in sport. I was left no choice, in fact. This manifestation in my heart heralded a need to cleat-up and eye-black up .. and stretch .. a lot ..

What is the best thing about Baseball and Softball?

   It’s a julefrokost, but there is no need for pakkeleg or schnapps … it’s already too easy to get lit on a full-count bunt, fielder’s choice, run-scoring play … You just don’t see it anywhere else… it’s special 

Would you recommend Århus Baseball Softball Klub to others?

    If you got two eyes … you get four balls … And when you get four balls, you just might find the way to score.