Play Baseball in Aarhus and be part of Århus Baseball Softball Klub. 

We play Baseball in Aarhus, Denmark, just like you may know it from The States. Baseball is small and not a well-known sport in Denmark, but the Danes play a similar game; "Rounders". To a person who is not familiar with the sport, baseball can be quite confusing and frankly overwhelming. It has its own special equipment, confusing rules and its very own lingo. Although Baseball can seem confusing, it is quite easy to learn to play. Everyone can play: Kids, Teens and adults.


Baseball is known to be called "Americas Past time". The name might be because of its fame in The States, but maybe, as well, because the fundamentals are so intuitively natural. Throwing and batting are relatively easy to learn, since both motions come from the same technique. The technique is something most people can do and with a little fine tuning, everyone can play baseball on a level that is fun and grants personal victories. Kids especially, can benefit from the sport - practice of motor-skills and to get confidence in themselves and to work together in a positive team spirit.


Body type and physique

Baseball is probably one of the only sports where your natural physique plays no role in hampering your success as a Baseball Player. You may be tall, short, wide or thin - it makes no difference in whether you can play Baseball or not.

Baseball is a sport, where the team is made up of "specialists" that play different positions. The fast player has a role, the strong player has a role, the tall player has a role and so on.

This can be a determining factor for many kids to choose Baseball. Some kids may feel a quick failure, if they feel that they cannot keep up with their teammates in soccer or handball. Maybe because lack of athleticism or bad stamina. You will get exercise and better stamina from playing Baseball, but you will not be punished for not having it when you start.



There is special equipment for Baseball: Glove, Bat, balls etc.. Århus Baseball Softball Klub has equipment that you can borrow. Most players want their own equipment and we can help with that. It might be wise to invest in some kind of cleats (Soccer cleats will work) so you get better traction on the dirt and grass. The club does not have shoes or cleats to lend out.



Baseball players have special uniforms. The club has uniforms that you can borrow, but you have the option to buy one yourself and that way get one with your name on the back. You can use normal "jogging-clothing" for practice. That's at least what most people in the club do. If you want some proper baseball clothing for practice, we can advise about where to buy that as well.


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