Baseball for kids

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Junior practice on Mondays & Wednesdays from 16.30—18.00

Baseball & Beeball are not only good for exercise and coordination, it’s fun as well. We have a great fellowship on the junior team and look out for each other, to ensure everyone is having fun at practice and during games. Our team consist of kid in the ages between 7-15 and we play boys and girls together; which makes it an even better - both on and off the field. The most fun happens on “Family Days”, when the parents join in for a game or when the senior baseball players show up early for their practice and joins in a game against us, where they run backwards between the bases to make up for their very long legs.

Last summer, TV2 Østjylland came by our field. You can watch the video from their live broadcast below (even though it’s in danish). Come on down and try out a practice or two and discover that you truly can play baseball & Beeball in Aarhus.

Welcome :)

You can play Beeball in Århus Baseball Softball Klub from 6 years and up. Most juniors switch to Baseball or Softball once they get older, which is a natural step since Beeball is so similar to Baseball and Softball.

Beeball is a fun sport for all kids and because Beeball is so similar to Baseball and Softball it is also a sport where all kids can truly experience a feeling of succes. Beeball is great exercise - but is not too exhausting and tough as other sports can be first time you try it. In Beeball you learn motor skills that you’ll use the rest of your life. That means no matter your level or stamina, you will for sure get home after practice with a smile on your face and wanting to come back.

Beeball is for most kids seen as just the right amount of special - and American - to be considered “Cool”.

Learn more about Beeball in this video (Danish):

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