Learn Danish with Åbsk

Learning Danish is maybe one of the hardest things to do. You can learn all the theory and practice it in class, but you will never get there without practical use. In other words; you will learn Danish by speaking it and you can do that by playing Baseball or Softball with the international and Danish members of our sports club.

Århus Softball Team

Learn Danish with US

"We tend to "forget" to speak english"

By joining a sports club with internationals and Danish members, you are ensured a diversity that might not be found in other places. You probably moved to Denmark for that exact reason.

We speak English during practice and games, so internationals that have not yet learned Danish, will be able to understand and communicate with the coach and their team members.

But, we tend to "forget" to speak English. 

Many people ask how that is a good thing - well, that's your chance to learn a little Danish.

we have experience

Many internationals have played in our club over the years and have improved their Danish skills over time. Most use the practice as a supplement to their classes at LærDansk. It's a great way to practice what you have learned in the classroom with team members you learn to know.

Danish can be hard, but so is Baseball and Softball - but that won't scare us.