Meet a Member: Philip Spielmann

The decision of joining a sports club is not always about the sport or activities as much as it is the social aspect of it. That’s why we would like to introduce you to some of the members so you can read for yourself, why they are part of the team. The member that you get to meet in this post is Philip Spielmann. Philip has been a member since 2004 and is working as a volunteer as well as being on the Board.

Philip Spielmann - Århus Baseball Softball Klub

How did you start playing Baseball and Softball?

I started playing Softball back in 2004 after visiting my family in Canada. In Canada I saw my first MLB game on TV and I got hooked immediately.  I tried on my uncle’s glove and we went to the back yard and tossed the ball around. So when I got back in Denmark, all I wanted to do was to play Baseball. Back then, Softball was the only sport that had a junior league – But now I play both.

Why do you play Baseball and Softball?

I’m not sure there’s just one thing, but what I remember is that I wasn’t really that into sports back in 2004. I thought of all the other sports as being too intense for me and since I had not been focusing on one sport since I was little, I didn’t feel that I could compete with the kids that had been playing soccer in the backyard since they could walk. Baseball and Softball was a sport where I had the opportunity to really learn while playing. I played the 2004 Junior DM that very same year. Although my team ended up second worse, it was pretty cool to be able to play on a real team, in a real tournament, with no experience whatsoever. I get the sense that it is not possible in the bigger sports in Denmark.

What is the best thing about Baseball and Softball?

I think it’s the fact that the sport is designed so it can be played by any kid. There’s not really a natural born body physique that can give you a certain benefit over any other body physique. I usually say to people that you can play even if you’re a “heavy kid” and I know that’s not every sport that can brag about that. I actually think that it’s a big shame that other sports is designed so athletic kids have an advantage, since sports are what is supposed to make you more athletic. For me it’s kind of like an evil circle. If you’re not good at sports because you have been too inactive, it’s harder to start at a sport that will make you less inactive. Does that make sense?

Would you recommend Århus Baseball Softball Klub to others?

Yes! That’s about the only answer to that question. I think our club has a great sports offer for every person: kids/adults, active/inactive, sports person/non-sports person etc. furthermore, our club has a great social aspect as well and people take responsibility and help out with junior practice or at home games. In fear of saying something cliché; I think of us as a big family.