Meet a Member: Andy Smythe

There might be a little bit more to the decision, when choosing what kind of sport or sports club to join. Århus Baseball Softball Klub is just one of the many sports clubs in Aarhus and Baseball/Softball is one of the less known sports in Denmark. Andy knows why he chose to start playing Softball in 2010 and later play Baseball in Århus Baseball Softball Klub.  


How did you start playing Baseball and Softball?
My entire childhood I’ve been physically active playing different sports such as
Soccer, swimming and various other sports. Nothing really seemed to be able to
catch my interest enough for me to continue more than a few years at tops.
That´s until I saw a YouTube video.. “MLB Top 10 plays of the year”. I went
straight to my mom and asked if it was possible to play baseball in the city of
Århus. Next week I went to my first practice in the summer of 2010. At that time,
we had a junior softball team which I joined. As I grew older, I also started
playing baseball, since we only had a junior league in softball.

Why do you play Baseball and Softball?
I don´t think there is an easy answer for that question. For starters, anyone can
play, regardless of shape and size or lack thereof, there will always be a positon
for you.
Also baseball and softball are the only sports I know, where you can´t sit on a
lead, you can´t just wait until the time runs out.
Another ting is the fact that any team can make a comeback at any time, and no
lead is safe.
Then there is the fact that most people who don´t know baseball forgets: There
is a strategy and a deeper thought to everything in the game, all the way down
to every single pitch, they are thrown with a deeper meaning behind it.

What is the best thing about Baseball and Softball?
To me, it´s the passion. Baseball and softball aren´t just sports for most players,
it´s a lifestyle. Baseball players are some of the most passionate sportsmen I
know, they play for the love of the game, nothing more and nothing less.

Would you recommend Århus Baseball Softball Klub to others?
I would recommend Århus Basball Softball Klub to everyone. Even though we might
not be the best club when to comes to the final score, I think we are the best
club on every other factor. We are one big family with people from around the
world. We have a bond as a club and between the different teams in the club, I
haven´t seen in any other sports club.