7 Reasons Why Amerikansk Rundbold is Great for Your Kids


1. ”Amerikansk Rundbold” is good for your child’s health

It might not look like baseball is an active sport, when you watch MLB games. But there are many movements that takes place during a game of Amerikansk Rundbold that will benefit your child’s health:

Swinging a bat, throwing a ball, running the bases are all part of the game that will have your child be in motion all the time while playing Amerikansk Rundbold. This will help their muscles get stronger and more flexible, get their heart rate going and help them build endurance.

2. Improves coordination

Hand-eye coordination is not something kids are naturally born with. Hand-eye coordination is something they need to learn, and playing Amerikansk Rundbold is one of the best ways for them to do it.

Almost every single aspect of playing Amerikasnk Rundbold involves some level of coordination. Judging where the fly ball is going to land and keeping a close eye on a pitch coming towards the plate, is something that demands good coordination and a great way to learn, while having fun.

Kids, who play baseball or Amerikansk Rundbold at a young age, are able to develop coordination skills that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives.

3. Amerikansk Rundbold will substitute the iPad

Too many kids today are spending too much time playing on electronics. And while there are some benefits to doing it, there is also a long list of negative effects that kids can suffer from if they spend too much time looking at a screen.

Some of these negative effects include:

  • An increased risk of obesity
  • Increased levels of aggression
  • Problems with sleep
  • Shorter attention spans
  • The potential for mental health issues

It can feel almost impossible to get kids to put their electronics down these days. Although, offering them the opportunity to play Amerikansk Rundbold is one effective way to do it.

4. It will teach them teamwork

Being an adult, you will likely need to be a part of a team in your everyday job. Unfortunately, many kids don’t learn how to demonstrate teamwork when they are younger.

Amerikansk Rundbold requires teamwork during each game an each and every inning. You need to be able to trust your teammates to do their job out on the field and that they can trust you. You need to communicate and work together, in order to be successful.

We preach the values of teamwork and show how teamwork is important to win games as well as to gain friends.

5. Your kid will gain friends

Since the game is so focused on teamwork it’s only natural that you will form great friendships while playing Amerikansk Rundbold. Many form friendships for life playing sports, and Amerikansk Rundbold is no different in that matter.

6. Kids will learn about good sportsmanship

In life, there are going to be times when you win, but also times when you lose. This is a great lesson, but learning it early on can be a great advantage for kids. In Amerikansk Rundbold there can only be one winner and learning how to be a good sport about losing, may be one of the greater things to learn in life.

Amerikansk Rundbold is made of many smaller wins and losses as well as the big obvious one: winning or losing the game. While losing the game, kids can learn about the smaller wins, such as getting that big hit or the successful attempt to steal second.

Feeling down from not getting a single hit, the kids can learn about the team carrying the win and that having a bad day as an individual is not as bad, when the team wins overall.

This is a great lesson on how life will be, once they get older. We might have a bad day in the office, but there might be something positive during the day after all.

7. Amerikasnk Rundbold will educate kids about respecting authority

While the players on the two teams will ultimately decide the outcome of a given game, there will be several adults who will play a part in their success. Coaches and Umpires will be guiding them through the game and it is important for kids to show respect to these adults.

Kids will learn to listen to instructions from the coaches as well as accept the calls from the umpire, even if they don’t go their way.