Baseball Kid's Birthday Party


The best mom's organize the best theme parties for their little special one. We know that there are quite a few little baseball lovers out there - so we thought we would help the moms out there!

This is some of the great ideas we could find online, to make the best Baseball Theme Kid's Birthday Party:

baseballbirthday 015.jpg

Simply start by thinking small. The best Themed Birthday parties are the ones with sense for detail. A simple trick to spice up the baseball-wibe would be to simply switch out those boring bowls and whatever with the old baseball glove from the garage.

No party without snacks! Luckily there's a lot of recipes online for baseball themed snacks! Click these pictures for the recipes.


Next up is entertainment. It can be just as simple as cutting a big piece of word, cut out holes and paint it to look like a giant baseball. All you need is a couple of small sandbags and the kids will be entertained for hours. Who will hit the home run?


If your kid is ever goin to be a ball player you might have to think about introducing this special idea for a healthy snack. Shaping the fruit on the tray as a baseball field might do the trick of getting your kid and his guests to eat some healthy and funny snacks.

Play Ball!