Why Baseball is the best sport

Why Baseball Is The Best Sport

There's no doubt about the fact that Baseball is the best sport in the world. That's at least our opinion. Underneath is our arguments for why this is true.

5. Baseball might be the only sport in which the team that is winning must continue to play the game. Many other sports allows the team that is winning to some extend "ice" the game. In football, a team can take a knee. In basketball, a team can dribble out the clock. In hockey, a team can just skate around with the puck.

There’s no clock in Baseball and the game itself is designed to progress towards the runs that will eventually decide the winner of the game. In that way Baseball forces the winning team to continue to pitch and play defense, which means no game is over until the final out is made. Which brings us to our next point.

4. Any team can make a comeback at any time. For many other sports, it is not necessarily the case. In football, you don't see many teams score five-straight times to tie a game. If it happens, it’s not common in contrary to Baseball.

3. Baseball is a game that demands a team of diverse athletes. In soccer, they all have the same basic physique, because the sport is only suitable for athletic build sportsmen. Baseball on the other hand demands tall people, small people, fast people, big guys etc. etc. Baseball might be the only sport where you can be the number one pitcher although you are not athletic at all. This also means that kids who felt failure trying out other sports can shine on the baseball diamond.

2. Teamwork is a natural extension of the point above. When you have team of totally diverse teammates and everyone has a specific function on the field, you will only ever win if you trust your teammates. That everyone has special skills and special functions, you also have to cooperate according to your own skills and the skills of your teammates – and that is only possible if you truly know each other.

1. Some might say baseball is boring, but they totally miss the point. Most baseball fans would say that soccer is boring as well. However, the fact is that both sports along with cycling, cricket, curling and so on are all “slow paced” sports. The only real different is the way the game progresses.

Baseball is not supposed to be a fast paced game. It evolved from a game that first started as a game that was spectated by family and friends on picnic in the park. That’s why Baseball Stadiums are still called Ball Parks. The essence of the game is to have a good time watching the ball game. You are not expected to be sitting on the edge of the chair yelling at a slow paced game. For some reason that’s what you do in soccer??

You are supposed to “hygge” with your family and friends. Eat some food and enjoy a nice day in the sun. Baseball is a past time sport in the literal sense. Kind of like the Tour de France.

If you are a true baseball fan, you will most certainly watch the entire game with the same excitement as a cyclist fan watching the Tour de France. In that way, Baseball offers the best of both worlds.