Århus Baseball Team

ÅRHUS Baseball Team

The ÅRHUS Baseball Team

The Baseball Team is one of the 5 teams in the Danish National league. Our team is a mix-gender team where women play alongside men.

Aarhus Athletics

Aarhus Athletics

Aarhus Atheltics Beisbol

Aarhus Athletics es uno de los dos equipos de béisbol en Århus Baseball Softball Klub. Athletics es un equipo compuesto principalmente por jugadores latinoamericanos de: Venezuela, Cuba, Honduras y Panamá. Leer más aquí

Århus Softball Team

Softball Team

The Softball Team

The Softball Team play 2nd Division Men's Fast Pitch Softball. Although it's a men's league, women are allowed in the 2nd division. For our part, our men's team is a mix-gender team - just like the Baseball Team.

Århus Junior Team

junior team

The Junior team

The Junior Team plays a Danish version of "Beeball", which is like Tee-Ball but with soft-toss underhand pitching. The game is mostly for experience and later the Juniors can decide if they want to play Baseball, Softball or both. There's a bigger league in Juniors Softball, but for now "Amerikansk Rundbold" (American Rounders) is just fun enough for our Juniors.

The Women's softball team

We have a growing amount of Women Softball Players who's hoping to form a team in 2020. They practice on Mondays. Contact Hana, if you want to try out. The Women also practice with the 2. division Softball Team on Wednesdays. 


If you want to become a part of the team, please join by following this link: