Århus Baseball Softball Klub - Åbrinkvej 11

Since the mid 80's...

Cracks and clings of bats against big and smaller balls have been the sound of Århus Baseball Softball Klub. Founded in 1985, Århus Baseball Softball Klub is one of the oldest clubs in Denmark and is the oldest surviving Baseball Club.

The club is mainly known for its smiles and great spirit, which might be a natural bi-product of the city of Aarhus itself - which is also called "The City of Smiles".

Århus Baseball Softball Klub has in newer times decided to re-brand itself and make sure more people know about Baseball and Softball. 2017 was the year when the club for the very first time invested - no money - but a lot of time, into branding itself on mainly Facebook and Instagram. It was met with great response and gave a boost in membership.

If the boost turns out not to be a one time thing, surely Baseball and Softball will have a great future in Denmark, let alone in Aarhus.

What makes us different...

...is simply the way we set the scene. Århus Baseball Softball Klub was once known for winning and on some teams, in some leagues, dominating. That was a great time, but not the present time. We simply love the game and do not dwell in the past. One could be arrogant, but we choose to be happy.

Being happy is not only a thing we wish for our teammates, but for the spectators as well. Making a home game feel like a picnic or a BBQ in the park, might be the reason why people like to watch us play – even though we might not win the game in the end.

It's all about community and family.


...is something we can credit both the sport and our club. In how many team sports do girls and boys play on the same team? and what game other than Baseball and Softball can bring together all kinds of nationalities in a friendship that extends beyond the field?

We include boys and girls and international newcomers into our social circle and in that way, we might be more than just a Ball Club.