Aarhus Athletics announced to become a part of Århus Baseball Softball Klub

Increased membership, big visions for 2018 and a great announcement laid the foundation for this year’s General Assembly for Århus Baseball Softball Klub. A massive turnout of 20 engaged members of the club all waited in patience for the news and the vision of Baseball in Aarhus.

Aarhus Athletics

Other than the formalities, President Rod Moore could announce that other than the organic increase in membership, Århus Baseball Softball Klub would now grow even more with the merger of Aarhus Athletics Baseball Club.

For some years, Aarhus Athletics has played as an independent club in close competition with Århus Baseball Softball Klub, but with great dialogue and the general belief that Baseball in Denmark is too small to have two clubs in Aarhus, both clubs agreed on including Aarhus Athletics in Århus Baseball Softball Klub as an independent team in the organization. This will ensure a stronger club and an organization bigger than in many years.

Århus Baseball Softball Klub will focus its energy, during 2018, on recruiting even more players and hopefully make a lasting impact on the way that sport is thought in the city of Aarhus. American Days will be one of the event-series that will suit that purpose.

Once again, a warm welcome to Aarhus Athletics.