Aarhus Athletics takes the lead in the Danish National Championship

Odense Wolves hosted the first three games of the season on their home field this weekend. It came out to be 9 hours of great baseball in great sunny weather.

Aarhus Athletics team, May 5 2018

Aarhus Athletics team, May 5 2018

Aarhus Athletics played their first game against last year’s National Champions “Urban Achievers” from Copenhagen Baseball Club. Athletics quickly took the lead and held it throughout the game thanks to great pitching by Marcos Luis and his solid defense in both the infield and outfield. The game was in general not revolved around big hitting more than the runs claimed by Athletics was due to infield errors by Urban Achievers and successful stealing of bases.

Second game was against the home team Odense Wolves, who tried out a new pitcher that did an awesome job. Sadly, it wasn’t enough. Athletics took the lead early in the game the distance between the two teams run scored grew bigger and bigger.

These two wins brings Aarhus Athletics in the lead and due to Urban Achievers one-run loss to Odense Wolves, surprisingly brings them to the bottom of the standings.

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